Hotel Plaza: Elba Island

Elba Island

Elba, about 10 km from the Italian mainland, is one of the greenest and most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

It is the third largest in Italy (after Sicily and Sardinia) with an area of 224 sq km.The pure air, mild climate and plentiful water account for Elba's richly varied vegetation.

The scenery changes constantly: 150 km of coastline, with wide sandy beaches, girdle steep cliffs and romantic bays, where crystalclear water invites you to all kind of aquatic sports - sailing, windsurfing, swimming, and diving. In the mountainous interior, Monte Capanne (1019 meters above sea level), the highest point in Elba, offers you an ideal place for excursion.

It can be reached either on foot or by cable car. Elba is not only famous for its beauty but also for the hospitality of its inhabitants, for its good wines, and for its excellent cooking, which specializes in fish and seafood.

Besides a great number of recreational activities, Elba offers many sites of cultural interest. Napoleon's stay (1814-15) has left many traces and represents a highlight of Elba's interesting history.